Learn the Facts About Ethanol Fuel

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Learn the Facts About Ethanol Fuel

The gasoline fuel industry is a giant, and it has suppressed the truth about ethanol fuels: Specifically, the cheaper the cost, the better results, and the better effects on our environment.  Here are some of the facts about ethanol fuel:

  • Ten percent of ethanol fuel is mixed with regular gasoline in the United States
  • It’s the most affordable source of octane, and has cut the cost of gasoline prices by approximately 25 cents.
  • A ethanol based engine has a higher compression ratio, and a higher octane rating, which mean it has a much better fuel economy and power than a normal gasoline engine
  • Ethanol fuel  reduces GHG emissions compared to gas fuel (40 to 50 percent), which helps stop global warming
  • The corn from Ethanol is not sweet corn, but field corn
  • In 2012, only 211 ethanol plants produced 13.3 billion gallons of ethanol fuel
  • To produce 20 barrels of ethanol, it takes only one barrel of crude oil
  • It’s the cleanest source of octane
  • Besides fuel, the corn field plants produce nutritious animal feed

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